Tigerklo Craft & Design is a Stockholm based Design Company which was founded in the year 2010 by Fredrik Tigerklo. With Scandinavian design and carefully selected materials Tigerklo offers leather accessories made in Sweden. All items are manufactured locally at the plant outside of Stockholm. Here one can find genuine and long-standing expertise from leather production. Everything is assembled and made by hand. The seamstress will burn in an individual signature on each item during production to guarantee quality. Tigerklo's vision is to create products that have depth, soul and what makes the item unique is what makes it speak for itself.

Fredrik Tigerklo is born and raised in Stockholm and has over ten years of experience from the fashion industry. It was at the horse ranch on which he grew up that the love of leather took form. From grandpa, whom by hand created what he needed from leather and iron, Fredrik was taught the value of real craftsmanship. Grandpa Gunnar imprinted everything he made with a signet, a flower. The same flower can now be found in the Tigerklo emblem.

The wonderful qualities of leather are slightly addictive. How leather ages, with dignity and grace, moves the mind to a worn leather couch, a dark tattered wallet and old scruffy suitcases. They all have their own story to tell for each scratch and speck lays witness to its own event. It is important for Tigerklo to keep the Swedish tradition of workmanship. The journey from the handmade to the complete product ready to use should be as short as possible. He also promised himself to never compromise with quality. Grandpa never did.