Leather is a natural material. With correct care and maintenance premium vegetable tanned leather will age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina with use over time.


  1. Exposure to direct sunlight will darken “blonde” colors and bleach darker colors.
  2. Hot, dry air can dry out leather if it is not regularly conditioned.
  3. Certain chemicals and detergents can damage the surface of the leather and tarnish the color.


Anytime that your leather is stained or when it has dried out after being wet repeat step 1 and 2 . Over time you will develop your own “hand feel” for when cleaning or care is needed.


Remove any dirt or stains with a clean natural sponge or soft cloth before applying any oils or conditioners. Varieties of leather leaning products are available and can be divided into two groups distinguished by their active ingredients:

  1. Surfectants that clean the surface of the leather
  2. Leather soaps that deep clean

Try both types of cleaners to find your preference.


After cleaning, it is important to apply something that will nourish the leather, protect it and help it to retain moisture. Use a product that contains a natural wax. The wax will protect the leather in the same way that wax protects the paint of a car.